BBT fist bump


Got the bronze drake – WoW nerdiness

Yes, it is a fact. Me, a Sunday World of Warcraft player, got ahold of a ‘new’ (at least for me) mount that I wanted so much. It is not fancy, there are better ones out there, but I love mine – it’s BIG.

Bronze Drake

More to come (hopefully).

Eat pizza. Worship Satan

Have you ever heard of AXESLASHER? Too bad. They haven’t been around for a long time, but they sure know how to play metal the right way. The band feature a good friend of mine – Brynjar – behind the kit.

It’s all about pizza, Satan and metal with them.

Me + tennis = crap

I’m simply poor at it. As poor as a man can be. There is no denying of the fact that if I could play more often I would be good by now. But I’m where I’m, at the end of the line of all my friends who manage to pull it off on a decent level. 

Today’s game was proof that I should sell my racket and start a life of a couch potato. I lost 2-1 with a young lad, even though I controlled the game most of the time. Yet thanks to childish mistakes that I made at the net I dropped two sets in a row. 

I am weak as a little lamb, and I bet a lamb would beat me at tennis, too.

The man. The legend. The icon.


PES 2013 is fine. FIFA fanboys can suck it.

Year in year out, the football gaming world is thrilled by the release of two behemoths – FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. Both developers set the release date to almost the same day, probably hoping the rivalry will be fierce and the gap between fans of both games will get wider. I, myself, have been playing PES since the release of PES 4 (it’s been 8 years already) but I’ve occasionally switched to FIFA in order to check and experience the “differences”.

The fact is PES always used to outshine FIFA in terms of player movement and general AI of opponents. In 2013, it’s no different. FIFA lacks the common mistakes that players commit on the pitch, the game is too much arcade and perfect, while PES forces the player to think and predict what’s going to happen next, even though you might get screwed on the simplest move there is. And that what keeps you to the screen. You get irritated. Sure. You want to break the pad, alright. Yet you will never give up on the game.

Here’s a short clip that I made the other day.

Poland against Germany (won the entire game 3-1 on pro)

The Apple – Samsung war rages on…

I’ve just seen it on a friend’s wall on Facebook.

I’m blown away. I’m so getting the new iPhone.