Old interview with Patrick Savelkoul (Callenish Circle)

I did this interview back in 2005 when I was writing for Global Domination webzine.

At first, I was only supposed to do a review of Callenish Circle’s latest effort “Forbidden Empathy”, but as it turned out I also had an opportunity to interview the band’s leader and I quickly took advantage of it. I talked with Patrick (vocals) about brand new stuff, early days, techno and alcohol.


Patrick: Could be better. Didn’t sleep last night, went to bed at 23.00 but at 03.30 I still hadn’t slept for a single minute so I decided to get up early today. So I feel kinda wrecked now, hehehe. But aside from that I am doing fine.

Let’s talk about your latest album “Forbidden Empathy”, a double CD compilation that contains your first 2 albums, demo and MCD. Tell me, was there a demand for such a release? Did fans put pressure on you or was it just a whim, something like “Hey guys! Let’s re-release our early stuff, just for fuckin’ fun!”?

The main reason for releasing this 2CD is that our early releases lacked decent promotion and distribution. Since most of these releases were out of pressing or hard to find we got more and more people asking for our old material. Also because we gained some new fans after the release of “Flesh_Power_Dominion” and “My Passion // Your Pain” (both on Metal Blade Records). So after all those years we thought the time was right to re-release all our old material properly so it would be available for our new fans as well. Read the rest of this entry »