Interview with Anton (Profanation)

Yet another oldie that I dug from Global Domination archives. A very funny interview with a very funny lad.

I’m sure none of you have ever heard of Profanation. I can’t blame you. Their music sucks hairy balls but they were cool enough to comment on my two reviews in very fair and friendly way. Anton (guitar), my interlocutor, seemed to be quite the joker so the answers he gave are nothing but a sort of piss-fun jokes. Here’s what he had to say…

Someone from the band.

Anton: How often will I need to tell you this? You’re doing this interview cause you like it, watching paint dry. On the other hand you’d like to promote sucking shit in public or so. I think after this interview, nothing will be the way it used to be, hehe.

Tell us the story behind Profanation. The basic shit: when it was founded, how many releases you have already put out and so on and so forth…

Start up boring… Ok: It was a very cold night before christmas 1997, when Santa Claus decided to end the reign of good music on this earth and unleash Profanation. Back then he thought he’d give a guitar to Alex and frighten him so much, that he’d scream his guts out. A bass guitar fell down to Luxl’s feet. And on the drums he put the christmas angel called Anja. This threesome put up some noise and disturbed different locations in Germany, which are well known for their bad taste… In february of 2000 the christmas angel lost its wings and Luxl thought he could play drums even worse. So I had to join in as Master of Disaster. Later on, Alex guts were a ‘lil used up, so Hippi had to join to help him out… A couple of gigs followed and in 2001 we found ourselves bad enough to get our trash, called “Dead man rotting”, out. Reactions from tasteless people all over the world were great but we needed a break as we were still not shitty enough. So we tried to incorporate an even worse 2nd guitar-torturer, but he was too good for us. So in 2005, after 3 times recording the same shit, we were ready to open another chapter of the same book, called “Dead body fuck”, very well received in famous webzines like Global Domination. Shortly after, the best one-handed guitarplayer in the world, best known as Christoph, joined our league. Read the rest of this entry »


The Apple – Samsung war rages on…

I’ve just seen it on a friend’s wall on Facebook.

I’m blown away. I’m so getting the new iPhone.